Simple Complex is a series that draws attention to the habit virtually everyone seems to fall into at some time in his or her lives. We tend to become overwhelmed or intimidated by life’s daily challenges often we can make a very small challenge into something that appears to our psyche as something insurmountable. The message of the simple complex series is to gain a new perspective, after which a decision to meet the challenge can more readily and logically be made.

  “Journey” deals with a wider perspective and long-term vantage point of what our lives truly consist. Life is a series of ups and downs twists and turns journeys within a journey that is life on this planet. A native friend of mine once told me that the first nations people of this country have a saying, which roughly translates as follows.  “Life is a series of paths if you find the path you are on interesting and fulfilling then stay on it, path forlife is a

journey not aif not take another destination.”

   The journey of our lives seems so complex yet when we look back over where we have come from, all the unknowns become experiences that no longer seem so complex or overwhelming. The fears we have sometimes block our way Ironically it is only when we face the unknown that our sojourn continues. By not taking steps toward that which intimidates us the rest of our lives can be stunted and we will never experience our full potential. Fear will stunt our growth courage will overcome all obstacles.

    I chose a cantaloupe as a metaphor for the adventure that is our lives. The surface of a cantaloupe appears to consist of a series of roads going over and under each other in a seemingly endless maze.One of the paths break off the others and goes within the cantaloupe this may be your life’s path going within

yourself to discover who you are your values ethics etc. these qualities are all involved in your decision making process. The path then emerges outside the cantaloupe where a wider perspective is gained, then once again goes within and continues its course. After much introspection the path forms the basis for another cantaloupe, our lives are the basis of the lives of others; our actions help shape the lives of others. When you step back from the painting note that the cantaloupes existence is within another cantaloupe.