artist alan rutherford    Alan Rutherford was born Feb. 13, 1956 in Newcastle, England. David Rutherford, Alan's father was a skilled artisan though Alan attended various colleges he leaves no doubt that his father was his real mentor “Head and Hands by Father, Heart and Soul by Mother”Alan often quips.There were some other influences in Alan's style and philosophy on art and life. Robert Rudkin, a local Windsor, Ontario artist, once said to the young artist that there was no right or wrong method when it came to art, just different

approaches. Thirty years later, Alan remembers and lives by those words. M.C. Escher, Dali, Durer and Vemeer were some of the great names that helped shape the artist as a young man . Mr. Rutherford was a commercial artist for ten years. He grew tired of the lack of creative freedom and stopped commercial work back in 1988, when Alan decided to start his own company along with his wife, Lani, as his partner. Signs of Significance Inc is still a thriving business to this day, specializing in the sale of Alan's original works and limited edition prints. Mr. Rutherford offers a complete line of conservation framing for his own works as well as private clients. A lot of Alan's inspiration comes from the discussions he has daily at his gallery in downtown Toronto, Canada. But Alan's daughter Skye often steals her father's eye andheart and her spirit permeates many of the recent works.Mr. Rutherford

attended numerous colleges, St Clair College, Windsor, Ontario, George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario and Ontario College of Art and Design Toronto, Ontario, Canada.