I cordially invite you to my show "Orgnic Meltdown"now taking place at the Mangia Cake restaurant at 160 McCaul Street. At the Mangia Cake you not only get food for your stomach but food for your eyes. Enjoy the true taste of Italy at the Mangia Cake.

When I decided to commit to showing my works I wondered if people would understand the focus of the show I intended to assemble. Nature has always been my greatest teacher both in a physical and social sense. The works you see around you appear at first to be very different from each other but in actual fact they all sprout from the same seed.

   “Organic meltdown” came to mind and I thought the two words summed up what is happening within the show itself. The pieces explore everything from physical nature to our own psychological and philosophical nature as human beings. As human beings we have a tendency to warp nature to fit our own ends. Some of the abstract pieces in the show are in reality a perfect illustration of warping the shapes and textures of the natural world to meet my own creative needs as an artist. A microcosm if you will of the nature of man.