While sitting in my studio one day I heard a light wrapping on the door. Getting up from the computer I noticed Jane from the Laundromat further up on Baldwin Street. Jane was smiling and carrying an Easter Lilly in her arms. “This is for you.” she exclaimed I tried to get you earlier but there was no one here. “I’m sorry I said I decided to come in a little later today.” “You didn’t have to do that I said it was very kind of you thank you so much!” “You’re welcome thank you for the Poinsettia at Christmas time.” returned Jane “ Oh it was just a little gesture to thank you for helping to keep the neighbourhood so vibrant. Have a great day Jane and thank you again” Jane returned my smile and returned my greeting with “You too Alan.” The Easter lily meant a great deal to me, so much so that I decided this gift should keep on giving for posterity. It’s so wonderful when someone right out of the blue shows such kindness. We all live busy lives and sometimes forget that if we are having what we perceive to be a bad day one of the best things to do is to think of what we could do to make the day a little brighter for s omeone else. It’s even better when like Jane; you just decide to perform a genuine act of kindness. Thank you once again Jane for making my day.