As a child growing up in England I was always enchanted by the colourful little insect known as a “Ladybird”. North Americans refer to this species as the “Ladybug” but I always thought “Ladybird” was a much more appropriate name for such a beautiful little creature.

    When I look back at my first experiences with the Ladybirds’ it never occurred to me that they could be anything less than something very magical. At the time my sister Iris was always fertilizing my imagination with wonderful bedtime fairytales that obviously were true. Instead of taking a trip to Heburn on a ferryboat to see my uncle I somehow got it into my head that I was taking a trip on a fairy boat to Heaven. I envisioned a rowboat manned by two winged pixie like Fairies the Fairies of course being no more than six inches tall. There are certain height restrictions according to Fairy Union Rules that decree anything Fairy like can’t be big. I’m sure you’ve heard of Mr. Nobody you can’t even see him!

   Now that I’ve taken you totally off track; back to the subject of Ladybirds. My reasons for creating this piece are numerous but one of them is that whenever I see Ladybirds they bring me back to those magical times. Everything is possible when you’re a child imagination can make all things possible! A world without Ladybirds would be quite literally a less colourful place.