Raptor's Romance is a romantic vision for two reasons, Perregrine falcons mate for life and return to the same nest site each year. Some people would say this is instinctive behavior I would beg to differ to me it's a symbol of true love. I suppose it all comes down to definition and opinion.

    Secondly the setting for the painting is Kanmore Alberta and appears as I surmise it would have before man arrived on the scene. Perrigrines lay their eggs on bare rock, which illustrates to my mind an ability to survive under Spartan conditions, something that we could all take a lesson from.

    My family over the years has seen it's share of lean times, I don't consider this to be a negative thing, on the contrary, it's lifes challenges that make life interesting. Raptor's Romance was executed in gouache and is almost entirely comprised of dots, in fact the only portion of the painting that wasn't stippled (dotted) were the feathers of the birds.