Fresh green granny apples have always appealed to me. “Still Lives” by definition are an oxymoron. We often make the mistake that what our limited senses cannot detect doesn’t exist. Apples’ falling through the air was something that I engineered to illustrate my point; all art is engineered to some degree. That’s where the engineering content of the piece originated.

   Apples don’t peel themselves but these apples do and in perfect spiraling convenience. Growth advertising literally sprouts from their cores advertising a corporation’s ability to grow. How about a Nike apple? “Just eat it!”

   It could and probably will be so much fun. Why not make a game out of nature? A lottery may well be another way that we could exploit the fruits of our labours. There are always winners and losers in our world. Everything goes back to the survival of the fittest. Nature whether we like it or not will be the judge. How do you like those apples?