Who was your greatest creative influence?

Professionally my greatest influence was M. C. Escher. On a personal level my Father. Dad gave me my work ethic, which is to produce the best possible work I can no matter what it takes to do so, either emotionally or technically.

Why did you choose to open your own gallery?

I opened my own studio for two reasons one was my creative freedom. Galleries are out of necessity run as business’, therefore they will only show what sells unless you have the weight of a well known name behind you. Secondly I wanted to let people know the reasoning behind my work as well as get to know my patrons on a personal level.

Do you sell your work through galleries?

Currently I only sell my work from my studio for the reasons mentioned in the previous answer. But that is not to say that if I found a gallery willing to sell my work on my terms that I wouldn’t consider it.

When did you start producing Ltd. Editions, and are you self produced?

I started producing black and white Ltd. edition prints back in the early seventies. All rights to my prints belong to me as I have always published my work on my own.

What inspires Philoism?

Philoism is inspired by the world around me and the goings on in that world. I try to look at both sides of any given issue and make my life’s decisions based on my ponderings.