Why would I buy a piece of your Philoism?

There are numerous reasons why you would buy a piece of Philoism. Some buy it to escape into their own thoughts about a particular issue.Others buy it for it’s conversational impact, you can bet that a person will ask you what it’s about when they see it hanging on the wall. If you have an enquiring mind it’s more than likely the people you associate are like-minded.

Why do you draw and paint in dots?

I use stipple when I feel it to be the best way of attaining an effect. To my mind there are some textures that just beg to be done in dots.

Why do you work in different styles?

Working in different mediums often will dictate the style that’s most appropriate to work in; some subjects I find lend the mselves more to one medium than another. Beyond all that it keeps the creative process fresh.

Can you make a living at selling your fine art?

Making a living in fine art is very difficult process for the most part, requiring a lot of dedication and patience not only on the artist’s part but also the artist’s family and friends. For an artist at least in the beginning of their career to make a living
from his or her fine art is virtually impossible.

How long have you been doing artwork?

Painting and drawing were my first means of communication I guess I was about two years of age. I started selling my work at the age of fourteen and published my first limited editions at about seventeen. My first show was at 15 years of age.