For over 42 years John has harbored a passion for the love of butterflies. Come and hear John's captivating and educational story of how butterflies have shaped his life's journey.
   THE BUTTERFLY MAN® John G. Powers, native of Cambridge, Ontario has spent 45 years studying and researching butterflies of the world. During this time he has worked closely with collectors, entomologists, research scientists, artists and museum personnel from around the world.
 His private collection which consists of over twenty thousand breathtaking specimens is shared regularly with the public through his traveling exhibits.

   As well, John has had the honour of presenting his butterfly creations to over 125 world famous personalities. Some of these include Her Majesty The Queen, President Ronald Reagan, President George Bush, His Holiness The Pope - John Paul II, Roger

Whittaker,Steve McQueen,Ann Murray,Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Glen Loates, Michael Dumas and Dionne Warwick, to name a few.

   He is the author of children's books and two world class traveling exhibitions, Flying Jewels® and The Incredible World of Bugs®.
   John can be found most Sundays at the Naturium building. Come visit him for yourself.

John G. Powers image