Janis Stevens- Key West Artist- Portraits, Orchid Paintings, Sculpture and Paintings
Artist Janis Stevens presents images of her work in sculpture, portraits, animal portraits and painting. Her studio is in Key West, Fl

Watercolors by Yoju
Watercolor art by Yoju. A unique blend of Oriental and Western style with eclectic combinations of China ink, gouache, suminagashi, pastel, pencil, crayon, and collage to create art in bold, striking colors and whimsical form that are a delight to view and an accent to any decor.

Arte Maya Tz'utuhil, Oil Paintings by Mayan Indians
Guatemalan Mayan Indian artists depict their traditions in hundreds of colorful oil paintings exhibited in this virtual museum and art gallery.

Dan Fuller, New Orleans French Quarter Artist - the series of Treehouse paintings
The paintings of New Orleans artist Dan Fuller, uses Treehouses Metaphors as the vehicle to portray a wide variety of subjects and professions, including attorneys railroaders doctors ballerinas meteorologists firefighters fisnermen builders bartenders and more.


Photography of Nature
Photo gallery of photographer/artist J. Touboul who spcializes in nature photography. Artmuse.net also feature guest artists.