Confinement is the last piece of the black and blue puzzle that is the mystery of our lives. When a person is in a new place and knows no one or at the very most only a few individuals that he or she sees from time to time the mind can play some cruel tricks, or can be the necessity that brings forth invention.

    Personally I have never been a person who likes to be by myself for extended periods of time my inspiration is drawn from the people that are part of my everyday existence. As an artist my feelings are reflected in my works at the time when this piece was created I was experiencing feelings' of intense loneliness. The glass window at the front of my studio had become more of a wall than a window. There appeared to be a barrier between myself and those outside the window, that for some reason seemed impenetrable.

   If I was going to be confined as I felt I was then I would create my own world and the window would become my canvas thus what you see as a great white space in front of me is a new illusion I was about to create. We are never completely alone there is I believe something grander than we can imagine that we in spite of our ego- based selves are all a part of.

    By reading this statement, or looking at "Confinement" you have automatically become part of my world. Welcome!