Striding on the bus
a snappy “good morning”
issues from her pursed lips.
Wrinkle free she advances,
bible in hand.
With a perfunctory glance
a seat is chosen,
an isle seat of course.
The gatekeeper adjusts herself
sitting ramrod straight in place.
Opening her bible
eyes riveted to its contents,
occasionally giving a sidelong glance as the bus fills to capacity.
She remains stoically in place,
never moving though people
pause,hoping that she will give way. Bodies squeeze by
in frustration until someone says

in a voice that suits the gatekeepers taste for protocol.
“Could I get in there please?”
Considerable effort is made
to show the discomfort that this person has caused her worship, by asking her to move.
The gatekeeper’s day has been made!
Once again the position is assumed,bible in hand.
  She turned to me one day
And indignantly asked
“Why can’t people speak
up and ask me to move in
a proper voice instead
of whispering?”
So says the Lord!