Admitting you’re a hypocrite can be for some of us a humbling experience. I’m sure most of us make a concerted effort to practice what we often preach though after the experience I’m about to impart to you I realized that we are a society of hypocrites myself included.

   A glimmering sunny morning a few days before the Christmas break my Daughter Skye, a very inquisitive five year old and myself a very sleep deprived Father sauntered along the gum speckled sidewalks of Toronto’s downtown core. Fridays for us being creatures of habit were always known affectionately as “book days.” Our usual destination was the “The World’s Biggest Book Store.”

   On book days Skye always received a new book, to encourage her reading

pursuits. It was then customary to proceed to the magazine department to pick up Daddy’s weekly magazine. These magazines were usually computer related and had attached to their front covers CD’s containing wonderful programs. CD’s were removed from the covers of the magazines to prevent them being stolen, and stored in a cabinet behind the racks.

   Brian was manning the department that morning, a sales associate that I’d had previous dealings with, it seemed to me that he thought it a real chore to find the CD for the corresponding periodical. Oh well I thought lets give him another chance.

    “Hello” I said, “ I was wondering if I could get the CD that goes with this” holding up the magazine.

    “ I’ll see if I can find it” Brian replied in what I thought to be his usual lack luster tone.
   After rummaging through the cabinet on his hands and knees Brian concluded that the CD was not in the cabinet. Repeated offers on my part to search for the CDs myself fell on deaf ears.

   “There’s no point in taking the magazine without the CD’s,” I complained.
   “Try “Indigo” replied Brian.    The nerve I thought to myself!
   “Well” I said to Skye who’d been patiently waiting, her new book held tightly in her little hands.
    “That’s not too good eh Daddy?”     “No it’s not love,” I agreed.
    We left the department; on our way