“You don’t know about Brian do you?”
 “No” I answered surprised at the question.   

  “Brian is autistic”

   “Oh my God” I said thinking out loud. I thanked Richard again and wished him the best of the Season. I looked down at Skye and said sheepishly “I’ve got to find Brian Skye, can you help me?”

   “Sure Daddy” Skye replied eagerly, with that we started to comb the store looking for Brian.   

   “There he is Daddy!” Skye chirped excitedly    “Good going Skye” I said gratefully.  Brian was close to the store entrance. 

   “Brian” I all but yelled, “I’d like to thank you for your much appreciated help over in the magazine department

   “Oh thank you Sir!” grinned Brian “and a Merry Christmas to you Sir!”

   “Thank You Brian and a Very Merry Christmas to You! Brian perhaps didn’t realize what a gift he gave me that Christmas season.

   In future I will try to be a little more patient with people, and not assume that everything is as OK in their lives as it is in mine. As they say “Never Judge a Book by It’s Cover!”