to the checkouts I put the magazine back on the shelf

   “I'm not taking this without the CD's there's no point!” I raged

   “Let's pay for your book and leave Skye I'm not a happy camper today!
   What's the World coming to I grumbled to myself as we neared the checkouts? Upon reaching the counter there was the usual good-natured greeting from George.
“Hi guys how are you today?” George enquired with his customary pleasant manner.    Now what this place needs I thought to myself is more terrific staff like George.
That guy always does his very best and really does give a damn about the customer.

    “Well to be honest George I’ma bit pissed off with the lack of service I received this morning from Brian over in the magazine department. As you know every week I buy computer magazines from you guys. One of the main reasons I buy them is for the programs on the cover disks.

  It’s not the first time I’ve had this attitude from Brian. I don’t know what his problem is but I just put the magazine back on the shelf. After being told by Brian that maybe I should try “Indigo” as he couldn’t find the appropriate CD.

   “Oh we can’t have that!” an obviously startled George retorted.

  “Let me get the Manager for you.”

   “Thanks George I appreciate that.

   A gentleman at the counter standing beside George asked me the name and month of the magazine. After I’d replied he turned and headed for the department. Skye and myself returned to the department to retrieve the magazine having every confidence that we would eventually get the discs. We returned to the checkout and sure enough there was George with the CD’s in his hand. After receiving them I thanked George and asked where the Manager was so that I could thank him for finding the CD’s.

     “Oh that was Richard the guy standing next to me with the glassed.”

   Off I went in search of Richard after finding him I extended my hand and thanked him for his assistance.